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LNG Vacuum Piping Systems Cryoquip

LNG Vacuum Piping Systems

Cryoquip has developed a purpose build LNG vacuum insulated piping system, that is cost effective and competitive against conventional cryogenic insulation, such as polyurethane or foam glass.

The lines are vacuum insulated, with Aluminised mylar and a ultra high vacuum.

The lines incorporate external bellows, to ensure high integrity of the inner lines.

The lines can be either be joined with foam glass or vacuum insulated sleeves, with low heat inleak buttweld connections.

Customers have found the lines to be quick and easy to install, are not as bulky or heavy as a foam glass line, and last many years “looking good” with the stainless steel outer jackets.

The lines are ideal for LNG run down lines from LNG plants, LNG transfer lines from tanker filling to bulk LNG storage vessels, as well as LNG liquid lines to vaporizers and pressure build vaporizers.

LNG pumps require quality liquid LNG to ensure they operate properly. The LNG vacuum lines can be purposely built and can be built to join directly to LNG submerged pumps or LNG canned pumps. The good quality LNG liquid will ensure you achieve reliable operation and good service life from your pumps.

Cryoquip can manufacture vacuum insulated LNG piping systems:
  • With elbows, tees and any piping configuration required
  • Lines from 0.5" tube through to 10" NB pipe
  • Vacuum insulated sleeves
  • Prefabricated foam glass sleeves
  • External bellows
  • Pressure ratings from 500 kPag to 8000 kPag
  • Vacuum insulated manual and control valves
  • Relief valves
  • Spools up to 12 m long
Call us today before the detailed design phase of your project. We will be able to provide a cost effective solution to your LNG pipe work needs.
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