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Cryogenic & Gas Instrumentation Cryoquip

Cryogenic & Gas Instrumentation

Cryoquip Australia has been building process equipment for the last 20 years and has experience in all types and brands of instrumentation for the cryogenic and gas industry.
Cryoquip can provide extremely competitive prices for this equipment, ensuring it is specified correctly for your application.
Cryoquip can also provide intrinsically safe equipment, isolation valves, calibration certificates and pipe the systems together into complete gas analysis and cryogenic or gas control packages.
Cryoquip Australia have used the following equipment in their cryogenic liquid oxygen and liquid nitrogen systems:

Cryogenic temperature probes RTD Cryoquip
  T-type thermocouples Cryoquip
  4-20mA transmitters Cryoquip, Yokogawa
Pressure Pressure transmitters Yokogawa, Rosemont
  Differential Pressure transmitters Yokogawa, Rosemont
Gas and Cryogenic liquid Flowmeters Vortex meters Yokogawa
  Differential pressure orifices Yokogawa
  Multi variable mass flow meters Yokogawa
Gas Analysers   Yokogawa and Emerson
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