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Nitrogen Systems Cryoquip

Nitrogen Systems

Nitrogen as a cryogen, can cause fatal cold burns and condense liquid oxygen on the surface of bare pipe work, and as a gas, suffocate people. Nitrogen systems should be designed and built to ensure it meets cleanliness, pressure and temperature requirements.

Cryoquip over the last 20 years, has built over 150 liquid and gaseous nitrogen systems.
These include, but have not been limited to:
  • Liquid nitrogen freezing chambers
  • Liquid nitrogen batch freezers
  • Liquid nitrogen control systems
  • Liquid nitrogen pipe systems for vaporizers
  • Liquid nitrogen dewar filling systems
  • Liquid nitrogen reticulations for food, scientific, hospital and cryo-biological applications
  • Nitrogen pressure regulating systems
  • Nitrogen control systems
  • Nitrogen regulators
  • Laser nitrogen compressing systems
  • RIX Nitrogen compressors
  • Back up nitrogen piping systems
  • Nitrogen purge and interting system
  • Nitrogen mines rescue system.
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