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VSA/PSA Systems Cryoquip

VSA/PSA Systems

Cryoquip Australia has been supporting the gases industry through the supply of cryogenic equipment for over 20 years. What isn’t commonly known, is Cryoquip can also provide assistance with back up systems for PSA and VSA systems, as well as design, installation and service personnel for PSA and VSA plants.

In 2008, Cryoquip installed a 40 tpd Oxygen VSA system for a remote Oxygen plant in Victoria, Australia. This system, included dual RIX compressors, VSA (Vacuum Swing Adsorbtion) Oxygen plant, Ozone Plant, interconnecting pipe work, bulk cryogenic storage vessels, vaporiser back up system and interconnecting pipe work and instrumentation.

The knowledge of gas systems assisted the client with a cost effective installation despite the arduous working conditions.
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