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Gas Phase Separators Cryoquip

Gas Phase Separators

Cryogenic systems, particularly Liquid Nitrogen systems, often encounter choking when excess gas is boiled off in the pipe line. This can arise from poor conventional (polyurethane or foam glass insulation) or vacuum insulation, or through gas generation when liquid nitrogen drops in pressure, through a valve or rising in a building.

To eliminate gas build up, Cryoquip offer a range of gas phase separators.

For relieving small amounts of gas, cryoquip have small cryovents which can be incorporated in a vacuum line, or cut into a polyurethane or foam glass line.

For large amounts of gas, Cryoquip offer as standard, 15 L and 25 L Gas phase separators. These are normally vacuum insulated. To optimize these separators, Cryoquip offer control panels that will turn on and off the vent flow to enable the gas company or customer to control their losses.

Any gas that is vented from a gas phase separator is at saturation temperature for that given pressure. For instance, a liquid nitrogen line venting at to 1 atmosphere, will have cold vapor near – 196 C. As a result of the very low outlet temperature, ice often builds up on the outlet of the gas phase separator.

Cryoquip offers gas heaters in 1.3 kW and 2.6 kW ratings to help warm the gas, reduce ice build up and control the vapor plume from the vent.
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