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Vacuum Insulated Pipework Cryoquip

Vacuum Insulated Pipework

Cryoquip is a world leader in Vacuum Insulated pipe work. Many users around the world refer these lines as SIVL (Super Insulated Vacuum Line) or VIP (Vacuum Insulated Pipe) or similar terms.

Cryoquip can supply lines in all sizes up to 12" inner and in both tube and pipe sizes.

Cryoquip builds these lines in easily transportable and installable individual spools. Each spool has its own vacuum jacket, with its own vacuum / relief port.

The vacuum line spools may be connected either by our special low heat in-leak bayonet connection or with sleeved butt weld connections.

Our lines incorporate unique piping and bellows systems to ensure that internal pipe stresses are minimized and there is minimal heat inleak from external ambient heat sources.

The outer jackets of the line are available in polished tube or mill finished scheduled pipe. The spools may be insulated in either multilayer insulation or aluminized mylar insulation. Each spool containers special "getter" material, which adsorb any gas molecules that may “out-gas” inside the annual space of the vacuum line.

Every line is vacuumed individually to less than 1 x 10 - 4 Torr, and Helium mass spectrometry tested. The lines are then cold shocked and pressure tested to ensure they have the highest vacuum integrity.

Cryoquip is the world leader in vacuum lines, and can provide cost competitive price for any vacuum insulated system.
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