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Pumping Systems Cryoquip

Pumping Systems

Cryoquip Australia specializes in the packaging of the ACD pumps into pumping systems that can be installed and up and running in under an hour.

From the smallest cylinder filling pumping system, to the most complex VFD driven centrifugal pumping system, Cryoquip is there to design and build the system you need.

Over the last 8 years, Cryoquip has built over 150 pumping systems. We have built over 50 WDPD small pumping systems, which are ideal for applications requiring on call gas, at customers sites. These are PLC controlled and may be fitted with remote monitoring and SMS text messaging control.

Cryoquip has built over 60 NDPD pumping systems, which have been installed in the Middle East, Taiwan, Malaysia, PNG, Australia, and New Zealand. These are the bigger version of the WDPD model filling system, and are ideal for small to medium cylinder filling applications. All you need are 3 storage vessels and 3 pumping systems, and you are and instant gas Company. We even supply the cylinder filling manifolds (automatic and manual).

For bigger cylinder filling applications, we have incorporated P2K pumps with controls and vaporizers, to provide extended duty and high flow applications for specific customer needs. Cryoquip has supplied over a dozen oil lubricated reciprocating pumping systems, specifically designed for the difficult, heavy and continuous duty applications.

We have built systems using the European built NOVA pump for testing jumbo hydrogen torpedo trailers. We have incorporated SGV pumps for continuous duty applications in various sites throughout the Middle East.

All the reciprocating pumping systems incorporate PLC control, which may provide:
  • Automatic restart on low pressure or operator interface
  • Cool down interlocks
  • Loss of prime, gland leakage and low vaporiser temp trips
  • Motor overload trips
  • Variable speed drives for pressure and / or flow control
Cryoquip has design and built over 50 tanker filling and transfer pump skids, which are ideal for bulk liquid transfer. These may incorporate the direct coupled, belt box or gear driven pumps. These systems are designed with specific start-up interlocks and trips to protect the pump and ensure you get extended run life with your pump.

Cryoquip has also built complex VFD driven centrifugal pumping skids for continuous duty applications. The most sophisticated of these was the Mines Rescue Trailer application for BOC. This pump was in operation 24 /7 for 18 months on a mine site in NSW. The skid has dual pumps, which have cool down interlocks and Variable Fequency drives, to allow the operator to dial up the exact flow scenario they require.

Whatever your cryogenic pumping application, please don't hesitate to contact Cryoquip Australia.
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