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LNG Pumps

Cryoquip have a range of LNG pumps specifically designed for the flammable nature of LNG.

Cryoquip has the TC-34 submerged pump that is ideal for filling the prime mover fuel tanks. It also has 2 and 4 stage models, providing for high flow and high pressure discharge.

The AC-32 canned pump, is ideal for tanker filling and for continuous duty applications. It can be submerged like the TC-34 for instant or continuous duty applications, or be installed "as is" for normal transfer applications.

Like the TC-34, the AC-32 pump is seal less and recirculates the LNG through the motor, increasing the performance of the pump, whilst eliminating any potential volatile vapor leaks.

The AC-32 comes in two model sizes, the popular and cost effective 2x4x6 model which provides high flow at low head, or the 2x4x8.5 which provides a higher discharge pressure.

For LCNG systems we have the X-9 and SGV pumps on offer. For any specific need, please don’t hesitate to call us.

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