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Centrifugal Pumps

Cryoquip supply and support the ACD range of Centrifugal cryogenic pumps. Centrifugal pumps are normally used for low pressure and high flow applications, such as transferring between vessels, or filling or emptying tankers. The type of pump varies, depending on the application required.

The pumps are normally specified: a x b x c, where:
  1. is the discharge flange size in inches
  2. is the suction flange size in inches
  3. is the volute housing size in inches
Cryoquip has available direct mounted, gear box, belt box and hydraulically driven pumps, that can be tailor made for your specific application.

For intermittent use, mechanical seal pumps are recommended.

For continuous duty use, labrynth seal pumps are recommended.

For variable flows, variable frequency or hydraulic drive pumps.

For flexibility, belt box pumps, where by the pulley ratios and belts can be changed to match your application.

Where quick start or applications that require no leaks, seal-less or submerged pumps are recommended. Cryoquip have sizing programs that can give you the exact flow and pressure you require to best meet your application.

Cryoquip can provide a centrifugal pump for any cryogenic liquid, including liquid Oxygen, and Liquid Natural Gas.

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